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Shooting not covered by homeowners, umbrella or business policies E.D. Ark

Posted in Contractual Liability, Duty to Defend, New Case
In Travelers v. Wilson, 2016 WL 5334666, Wilson was insured under a homeowner’s policy, an umbrella policy, and a business policy.  But none of these policies provided coverage to Wilson when he shot Metcalf in the parking lot of his (Wilson’s) liquor store.  Wilson was convicted of 2nd Degree murder for the shooting.  Second degree… Continue Reading

Wrongful Repo No Accident

Posted in Insurance Bad Faith
Policy excluded coverage for intentional acts, so petition pleading intentional conduct gave rise to no duty to defend. An intentional action, even if poorly researched, with its ordinary results describe an intentional tort, not negligence. "[T]heories based upon alleged 'negligent' and 'intentional' conduct are contradictory and mutually exclusive [.]" So insured had no duty to defend charge of conversion even when characterized as negligent.… Continue Reading