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Breach of notification provision, failure to give insurance company prompt notice voids coverage — 8th Circuit, Arkansas

Posted in Contractual Liability
In American Railcar Industries v. Hartford Insurance Company, Tedder, American Railcar’s employee, was hurt while on a break at work.  Tedder sought workers compensation coverage for the claim, which was eventually denied by the Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission.  Then, Tedder filed a civil tort action against American Railcar (ARI) in federal court. ARI did not… Continue Reading

Oklahoma’s Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act

Posted in New Case
Oklahoma’s Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act Two recent Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals decisions discusses the applicability of the Oklahoma Residential Property Condition Disclosure Act, found at 60 Okla. Stat. § 831 et seq. The Act permits buyers of residential property to sue sellers of that property for conditions known to the sellers at the… Continue Reading