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O.K. to depreciate labor in property loss — Tenth Circuit applying Kansas law

Posted in Contractual Liability
In Graves v. American Family Mutual, Graves had roof damage and damage to her kitchen ceiling after a hailstorm. Her American Family homeowner’s insurance policy provided for recovery of the “actual cash value” at the time of a covered loss as well as the “replacement cost” of the damaged property once repairs are completed. She… Continue Reading

Per person liability limit applies regardless of the number of claims — 10th Cir — Kansas — auto

Posted in New Case, Vehicle
In Hernandez v. Electric Insurance, Yudi, a minor, was injured in a car accident and had over $350,000 in medical expenses. The liability limits on the car was $100,000 per person.  The Hernandezs’ claimed they should get $200,000 —  $100,000 for Yudi’s injuries and $100,000 for dad’s injuries, since Dad had to pay the medical… Continue Reading

$8M punitive damage award tossed out, no independent tort damages, 10th Cir. Kansas (unpublished)

Posted in Contractual Liability, New Case
In Underground Vaults v. Cintas Corp., Cintas and Underground were working together for a bid to store, digitize and retrieve documents for Boeing.  After their bid was accepted, Cintas figured it could make more money and cost Boeing less if Underground was cut out.  Underground sued for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty. The… Continue Reading

Federal Employees Health Benefits Act preempts Kansas anti-subrogation law

Posted in Contractual Liability, New Case
In Helfrich v. Blue Cross, Helfridge was in a car accident, and received treatment paid for by Blue Cross, through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Act. When Helfrich settled with the tortfeasor, Blue Cross wanted to be repaid for the cost of the treatment provided. But, there was a Kansas statute which prohibits insurers from… Continue Reading